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All adoptable dogs will be fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped prior to adoption.

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van Gogh

Stay tuned for more on Van Gogh!


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Update on Memphis: Memphis was returned to the rescue after being in her home for 13 months. She is adjusting well here at the ranch. She is still sweet as can be and still always has her tongue hanging out. She came back with an ear and anal gland infection but we have treated those. She is also now overweight but it responding well to her diet. Stay tuned for more on Memphis.

Memphis is a 1 yr old Lab/Pittie Mix that we rescued from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on July 18, 2018. She had been in the shelter since April. This sweet girl loves her doggy and kitty foster siblings. She is doing well with crate training and sleeps through the night. She loves to play but also enjoys a good cuddle session. Memphis will be an all-around great addition to any family.



Lola became part of the SOS family on September 5th from Kern County Animal Services. She is a little over a year old and very sweet. She is doing very adjusting to life as a family dog. She gets along with people, kids & dogs. She is kennel trained, walks good on a leash and loves nothing more in the world then to flop on her back and get belly rubs.



Hershey came to us August 6 from Kern County Animal Services. He is a 2yr old Chocolate Lab weighing in at just under 60 lbs. His favorite thing to do is play in the water. He like to play fetch but is still learning so at this time it can turn into a game of keep away as he hasn’t figured out how to bring it back consistently. He is looking for a full time job as he is a very active pup. He gets along great with the dogs at the Ranch and is learning manners and boundaries every day.



Jackson is a 1yr old Rottweiler that came to us from Kern County Animal Services on July 12th. This 95lb hunk of love is as sweet as can be. He gets along with calm confident dogs and loves to give people snuggles and kisses. Stay tuned for more on Jackson!

Max 2.jpg


Max was picked up by animal control on May 9th, 2019. We came across him at Kern County Animal Services on May 22 and instantly knew he was to become part of the SOS family. Max was suffering from a pretty severe upper respiratory infection but after a couple weeks of treatment he overcame it like a champ. He is about 3 yrs old and 85 lbs, good size for this blonde Labrador retriever. He is super friendly and loves to carry sticks around the yard. He is infatuated with water and loves country music. Stay tuned for more on Max!



Gunner was about 4 months old when we picked him up from the shelter in April 2018. He was attacked by a large animal prior to being picked up by animal control. We took him straight from the shelter to the vet where he underwent surgery for multiple bite wounds. He is fully recovered from his injuries.

Update on Gunner: He is now about 13 months old (May 2019) and is currently residing at Shadow Ranch where is continuing his training. Gunner was previously adopted out twice in the last 8 months and both scenarios just weren’t the right fit. Gunner is a playful, energetic puppy who requires boundaries to stay on the right tract. He is great with people but does not do well with every dog so at this time we are only accepting applications where Gunner will be the only dog in the household.

Victory RB.png


Update on Victory: Victory was a very sweet girl who already had her forever home lined up when we discovered that she had Distemper. If Victory had been vaccinated as a puppy she would not have lost her life. Please vaccinate your pets. Victory crossed over on November 2 in the loving arms of her foster mom.

Victory is a 7 month old Belgian Malinois puppy. She became part of the SOS pack on 9/18/19 from Kern County Animal Services.

Stay tuned for more on Victory!

Emmett Adopted.png


Emmett came to us August 8 from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. We can only imagine what this sweet boy endured his first 4 years of life. When he got to the shelter he had a severe case of demodex mange which had caused sores hair loss and pain. Both ears have been mutilated at the hands of humans, he was severely underweight and scared. Upon entering foster care he is has been learning not only what love is but what the inside of a house is. Nothing was familiar to him which leads us to believe that he may have never been indoors before. He is super friendly and just wants to be pet.

Note from Foster Mom:

Emmett is doing great in his foster home! His hair is coming back quickly, he is steadily putting on weight and he still loves to look at himself in the mirror 😆. He's learning how to play with toys and he loves to run around and go on walks. He walks well on a leash, he's house trained and he loves to cuddle and be pet. Emmett has come out of his shell so much in the short time he's been with SOS, we can't wait to see how much more progress he makes!



Justice is a 7 month old Labrador Mix puppy that came to us from the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter. She is a typical puppy… Lots of energy and lots of love to give. Stay tuned for more on Justice!

Vinny adopted 2.png


Update on Vinny: Vinny was returned yesterday after being in his home for a year. We are still trying to figure out why because he is just as sweet as he was when he left us. His vaccinations have been updated and he is looking for his new family that will love him forever.

Vinny is about 3 years old. He came to us from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on Aug 25th. He had been attacked by a larger animal prior to arriving at the shelter. We immediately took him to the ER where he was shaved and underwent surgery to address multiple bite wounds and severe anemia. He is currently recovering in his foster home.

Note from his Foster Mom:
What can I say about Vinny! He’s cute and he KNOWS it! Vinny is your typical playfully smart terrier. He came into the city shelter badly injured by what appeared to be a larger dog. Severely anemic and needing to have all his wounds closed up and tended to, he was rescued by SOS. In his foster home Vinny adores children and other dogs. He thinks cats are awesome too and loves a good harmless game of chase. My cats are not impressed LOL
Vinny is healthy and still fairly young at around 3 years. He doesn’t completely love the crate but settles down quickly and doesn’t make too much of a fuss. Vinny travels well in the car and does well on leash. He would love a fairly active home with some kids to play with. At only about 12 pounds he’s a perfect compact side and makes himself right at home on the couch or even your lap.

Alex adopted 2.png


Alexander was found running stray on July 5th and taken to Kern County Animal Services. We went down on July 11th to rescue him and his kennel mate. Upon arrival we found out his friend had already been adopted so we scooped up Alex so he wouldn’t have to spend a minute alone. He is a little unsure of this big scary world but doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. Once we got him back to Shadow Ranch we immediately bathed him and gave him a dose of NexGard as he was covered in ticks. Alexander has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He gets along with dogs and people and didn’t show much interest in the cat he met at the Vet. He is kennel trained and not very vocal. He does tinkle in his crate when he is in a moving car. Alex just wants to find a family of his own to settle in and love.

Liberty adopted.png


Liberty came to us on September 10, 2019 from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. She had been in the shelter for a little over a month and we can’t figure out why. This 5 year old girl is the prettiest, sweetest, friendliest German Shepherd you ever will meet. She is kind of laid back, has minimal anxiety for her breed, gets along with dogs of all sizes and loves to be with people.

Stay tuned for more on Liberty!

Gypsy adopted.png


Gypsy came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on 09/10/19. She is a 8-10 year old Shih Tzu with the most beautiful markings. Gypsy has been groomed and awaiting her appointment for spay & dental.

Gary dopted.png


Gary came to us on August 27, 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. Gary is a 14 year old Yorkie picked up as a stray by Kern County Animal Services. He might be both deaf and blind and toothless but he still "nose" how to get around! Gary uses his sense of smell to navigate his world. He can quickly adapt to a new environment by making a smell map of his surroundings over a few days. He is a super sweet and cuddly little old man who wants to go everywhere you go. Gary needs a " seeing eye person" to assist him through life. He does not have accidents if taken out on a schedule to use the potty. Gary does well with other animals and loves to snuggle with other smaller dogs in bed and on the sofa. He has done fine with being crated for short periods of time. Gary is relatively easy to care for, is not on any medication. He does have to eat thinned canned dog food due to missing teeth and an oral-nasal fistula. Gentle cleaning of his gums after eating can help prevent respiratory infections. If you'd love to give this sweetheart a lap to cuddle on and the dignity he deserves at the end of his journey, please apply!

Von adopted.png


Von came to us from Kern County Animal Services on 7-26-19. He had been picked up by animal control the week before near Hart Flat. His coat was overgrown and embedded with foxtails and goat heads, he was emaciated and scared. This 3 year old Border Collie is coming out of his shell as each day goes by. Von has the most soulful eyes and has already touched the hearts of every person he’s met. He like to play but is pretty laid back for a border collie as he prefers spending most of his time sitting near you and staring into your eyes. He gets along great with dogs of all sizes but definitely prefers for things to stay low energy and calm.

Billie adopted2.png


Billie came to us on May 7th 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. At just about 18 months old she is as sweet as can be. We believe that she is a Belgian Malinois mix. We pulled her during Give Big Kern and she is named after Billy the Give Big Goat to honor such a wonderful program hosted annually for local nonprofit organizations. Billie loves people and is getting more comfortable and confident around dogs everyday. We are working on her jumping but she is already potty trained and crate trained.

Dinky D adopted.png

Dinky D

Dinky D came to us from Kern County Animal Services in July 2019. He is just under 2 years old and has the most beautiful markings throughout his 127 lb body.

Update from Foster:

Introducing Dinky D aka Dink Dink! He's a two year purebred Merle Great Dane that likes his eggs over medium or scrambled and his coffee with a splash of heavy cream, just kidding, that's his foster mom's preference, he's just a countertop surfer that has been known to sample her breakfast when she is distracted. Dinky D has adjusted well to farm living and does well with all of the livestock, dogs, cats but isn't quite sure about that loud parrot, she's kind of scary. He walks well on a leash and loves car rides. This precious toe licker just wants to be by your side, or to lay his head on your shoulder and loves all, from children to adults. Apply to adopt Dinky D today and discover the unconditional love a Great Dane can provide.



Update as of July 2019:

Now that we’ve spent a few months with this little fella we have decided that he still has lots of love to give and is now looking for his forever home. His senior blood work came back excellent so he was cleared for surgery and has since been neutered. He gets along great with dogs and people. He is crate trained, potty trained and couch potato trained :)

May 20th 2019:

Gizmo is the cutest little ol’ fella you ever did meet. He came to us on May 20th 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. The shelter thinks he is about 12 years old. His spirit animal is definitely a guinea pig as he is about the size of one weighing in and under 5 lbs. He is anxiously awaiting his senior wellness check at the vet. Stay tuned for updates on Gizmo.

Update on Gizmo June 2019 :

Gizmo is loving life in his foster home. He is now 6 lbs and loves to strut every pound around the yard playing with his foster siblings. He has a luxating patella is his rear right leg but it does not seem to bother him or his ability to get around. Due to poor dental hygiene in his younger years he also has few teeth left and his jaw has suffered sever bone loss which is irreversible at this point. This however does not prohibit him from eating or drinking. Despite all of this the vet says he is in excellent health for his age which is probably older than 12 years old.

Petey adopted.png


Petey is a 6yr old Shih Tzu that we rescued from KCAS on July 11th. He is a 2-time owner surrender and we can’t figure out why. Word on the street was that he was “dog reactive” but he gets along with everyone here at Shadow Ranch. He is about 20lbs of fluffy cuteness. He does have a little separation anxiety when in his crate but it presents as vocal only and has not been destructive in any way. We are working on this as well as his potty training. Stay tuned for more on Petey!

Conner adopted.png


Conner came to us on May 22, 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. He was picked up by animal control running stray on the East side of Bakersfield a few weeks prior to us meeting him. He is super sweet and friendly with everyone he comes in contact with. He tends to move at his own pace, which is slow. He is potty trained and has done fantastic in his kennel here at Shadow Ranch. He loves to play with Billie in the yard whenever he gets the chance.

Hope after groom rainbow.png


Meet Hope, an approximately 2 years old gorgeous Mini Australian Shepherd. Found on the east side of Bakersfield with a huge Fibrosarcoma tumor on her cute little nose and taken to Kern County Animal Services by a good samaritan. KCAS removed the tumor before she was taken into the care of a SOS Dog Rescue foster. Hope is a shy girl but opens up quickly when you bring yourself to her level. She is very gentle with every person and animal she has come into contact with. A true water dog that loves to cool off in her personal doggie pool on a hot day. Hope is house broken and does not chew or bark. She is seeking a home with at least one other dog, as she has bonded with one of her foster brothers like he's her guardian. All in all she is a very sweet and loving girl that is bound to steal the heart of whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.

Mr Peabody adopted.jpg

mr. Roscoe Peabody

Mr. Roscoe Peabody is the cutest 6 year old, 11 pound, mini Doxie you ever did meet. His handsome and distinguished good looks will melt your heart. He came to us from Kern County Animal Services unsure and afraid but with some stability and love he has blossomed into a confident fun little guy. He loves to run around the yard and roll around in the dirt. He likes classical music at night but during the day you can catch him singing (howling) along with some hip hop or upbeat jazz. He is crate trained, house trained and has pretty decent recall. He also loves to cuddle upset down on your chest nestled in as tight as he can get. He would do best with someone who is home most of the time as he doesn't like to be left alone for too long.

Bailey adopted.jpg


Introducing Bailey! This approximately 1.5 year old Spaniel mix was found at the Dollar Tree on the Eastside of Bakersfield when he decided to stop and do some shopping. He was picked up by a Good Samaritan and taken to Kern County Animal Services where he crossed paths with a volunteer for SOS Rescue.

Bailey is currently being fostered on a mini ranch where he's living peacefully with everything from children, livestock, birds, dogs and kittens. He seamlessly integrated into his foster home and is a lovable, cuddly pup that knows no stranger.

He enjoys napping throughout the day but is quite the agile pup. He is neutered, current on his shots, kennel, crate and house trained. Ideally he'd do well with an active family and would be an amazing running/hiking/ agility dog prospect. Apply to adopt Bailey today! He's ready for his happily ever after, will it be with you?

Panda adopted.jpg


Panda came to us from Kern County Animal Services on March 19, 2019. In an effort to make sure Panda thrives in his forever home we are only accepting applications where there is at least one other dog in the household.

Note from Foster Mom:

Have you met Panda? He's a happy, healthy 3 year old Newfoundland/ border collie mix that has the potential to be an amazing therapy dog. With the coat of a Newfoundland and the legs of a border collie, Panda enjoys spending his days lounging around the house napping both indoors and out. Due to his extra fluffy coat, keeping him on a regular grooming schedule will be necessary, so please take that into consideration when thinking about bringing this handsome dog into your life.

You may be asking how a dog this amazing, that loves everyone and is a stranger to none, could've ended up at the animal shelter. His owner was ill and could no longer provide adequate care for Panda. So at no fault of his own, Panda was surrendered to Kern County Animal Services in Mojave with a lot of matting and a double ear infection. From there he made his way to Bakersfield to receive veterinary care and ended up in the path of one of our SOS volunteers. Panda is house as well as crate trained and is currently being fostered on a mini ranch in Bakersfield. He gets along with all of the animals, from cattle to cats, the children in the home and everything in between. We couldn't pass on this wonderful dog and you shouldn't either.

Oliver adopted.jpg


Oliver came to us on April 17, 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. He was about 10 weeks old at that time. Stay tuned for updates on Oliver!

Trixie 2 adopted.jpg


Trixie came to us from the parking lot at Kern County Animal Services on Feb 12 2019. She is a 5-6 yr old white boxer. She can hear and see. Upon completion of her stray hold she went to the vet. He stated that she is in great health with the exception of a mast cell tumor on her rear hip. Her surgery was a success and her biopsy revealed she is cancer free. She does not have typical “boxer energy”. She much prefers to stay calm on the couch with her humans most of the day.

Note from Foster Parents:

Trixie is a wonderful loving dog that is now available here at SOS.
She came to SOS as very underweight but has since put on almost twenty pounds, her mast cell tumor was removed and the vet has declared her cancer free. She is now spayed and chipped and in great health.

Trixie gets along well with our pack and has learned much from them. She is still a bit shy but is learning to trust more and more. She is now well balanced, has learned to sit but could use more work on a lead/leash.

She loves to cuddle and be around humans.
She does like to chase our cat.

Nash adopted.png


Nash came to us on May 18th 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. He is about a year old and loves to cuddle and take selfies. He is looking for a very active family to give him lots of attention. He is potty trained. Stay tuned for more on Nash.

Sailor adopted.png

sailor j

Sailor came to us on April 12, 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. He was about 10-11 weeks old.

Note from Foster Mom:

Meet Sailor J!! This approximately 11 week old puppy is going to be a big boy! Believed to be a Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with a short coat Border Collie, there's no telling how long he was wandering through the fields in East Bakersfield. A good samaritan picked him up and took him to Kern County Animal Services where a plea was sent out for rescue. We were fortunate enough to have a foster available in the area and he became an SOS dog April 12th.

Sailor currently is being fostered on a mini ranch where he has been interacting daily with other dogs, cats, livestock, and children. He is a well rounded puppy that will make an amazing addition to any household. When not running and playing with the other dogs he spends his time lounging in the sun. Sailor is kennel/crate trained and does well indoors and out.

Bambi2 adopted.jpg


Bambi came to us from the Lake Isabella Shelter on 9-11-18. She was found as a stray and being picked on by other dogs. She is about 4yrs old and a beautiful brown brindle chihuahua. She is very shy but wants to trust the world again. Stay tuned for updates on Bambi.

Update: Bambi is really coming out of her shell. She definitely warms up to women faster than men. She prefers to have multiple dogs around her to help boost her confidence. She is house trained and crate trained. She is very treat/food motivated and likes the occasional toy. She’s not super fond of being picked up but she does love to climb in your lap and snuggle.

Sweet Pea adopted.jpg

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea came to us on March 2 2019 from Kern County Animal Services. She had been in a medical foster and was probably not going to do well going back into the shelter environment so we had to help. She is about 6 yrs old (waiting for confirmation) and very sweet. She will be visiting the vet soon for check up, dental and grooming. Stay Tuned for updates on Sweet Pea :)

Sally RB.jpg


Sally came to us on January 22, 2019 from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. She was picked up as a stray completed matted and terrified. Sally is an 11 year old Yorkie who is both sweet and sassy. Upon her initial vet visit they discovered a tumor on her heart that is most likely cancerous. Due to her age and risk surgery is not an option for Sally. She is currently in Fospice learning to trust again and enjoying day to day life. If you would like to give Sally a forever home for what time she has last, which is unknown at this time, let us know. In the meantime she is safe, comfortable and loved with us :)

Winston Adopted.jpg


Winston is a 2-3 year old blonde Schnauzer mix who came to us from Kern County Animal Services on Feb 28 2019. He is quiet, loving and playful.

Note from Foster Mom:

Winston is a very well behaved dog. He is excellent in his crate, is housebroken, and loves to sleep on the bed if given the chance but will also take to his own doggy bed. He gets along well with all our dogs both large and small, is NOT food aggressive and prefers to be inside most of the day. He gets along with children, rarely barks, and rides excellently in the car. He gets excited about the cat and parrot but has not offered to do any harm to them. Winston would do well with any family that wants a mellow house dog.

Kodi Adopted.jpg


This very handsome Husky/Shepherd Mix came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on November 8th. He is about 2 years old and had been in the shelter for over a month. He is dog friendly and people friendly but not a big fan of cats so far. Kodi is very eager to please and a quick learner. He is already neutered and ready to find his forever family.



This little fella will steal your heart. Grandpa came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on November 9th. Weighing in at a little over 4 lbs he doesn’t let anything get in his way. He is believed to be about 15-16 years old, has no teeth and missing some hair but is still as adorable as can be. His hobbies include napping, begging for treats and snuggling in your arms.

Josie adopted.jpg


Josie is our mysterious princess… Is she part spaniel?, part border collie?, we don’t know but we do know that she is about 14lbs of 100% cuteness. Josie is about 8 months old and will be ready to embark on our next journey in life within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Sunny Adopted.jpg


Sunny came to us on December 1st from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. He is a 9month old Great Pyrenees mix. He is super friendly and so far gets along with just about everyone and everything except he is a little afraid of the goose at his foster’s. Stay tuned for great things from Sunny.

Wally adopted.png


Wally came to us August 17th from the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. He is a stunning brindle Mastiff mix. As you can see he has a severe case of cherry eye. He is also very underweight. Stay tuned for updates on Wally's recovery and journey!

Note from his Foster Mom:
Stud Mastiff Seeks Long-Term Relationship: I am approximately 2 years old. I am currently recovering from cherry eye surgery. My current room mates (and foster humans) are watching it closely to make sure it heals up, it’s just something that happens to my breed. But my adorable droopy eyes make up for it! Some of my favorite activities include rolling in the grass, napping, and drooling all over your furniture. I love people and am very playful. I’m still learning how to play with other dogs, and I really love chasing cats! I’m nearly a 100lbs of silly, snoring, slobbering love. Let me know if you think we might be a perfect match!

Elmer adopted.jpg


Elmer is doing amazing. He is healing well from his neuter, no complications. He has mastered the sit command, can hold a 15 to 30 second stay, and is doing well learning his down command. He is communicating well with the other dogs and doesn't resource guard at all. All three dogs in the house share all the toys. He has fully adjusted to the cats as well. He walks great on a leash. He loves cuddles with people and with other animals

Sugar & Spice adopted.jpg

Sugar & Spice

Sugar came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on November 29th. She is a 2 year old White and Gray Shih Tzu/Poodle Mix. This sweet girl was a matted mess that was scared of just about everything. She is currently in foster learning how to be a dog.

Fox Mulder adopted.jpg

Fox Mulder

This sweet boy came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on November 8th. He is ridiculously sweet and friendly. At about 8 months old this Papillon/Pomeranian mix is already becoming a well mannered young man. Stay tuned for updates :)

Darla adopted.jpg


Darla came to us on October 30th from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. She is about a year old and the calmest Queensland we’ve ever met. She does well with dogs and cats but prefers the love of humans. She would be a great addition to any home that is willing to receive unconditional love.

Carly adopted.jpg


Carly came to us in October from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. She is about 2yrs old and very friendly. She did not know what “being inside” was until she met us. Originally afraid of the TV, Couch, Refrigerator etc… she is now thriving in her foster home and learning what it’s like to be loved. She gets along with dogs but can be a little pushy since she always wants to play. She takes correction well from both dogs and humans and is learning more and more manners everyday. She is ok with the right cats but may be better off in a home without them. We can’t wait to see the young lady she is blossoming into.

Seymour Adopted.jpg


Seymour is a 10yr old grumpy old man who came to us on 9-12 from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. He was a matted mess with a double ear infection, rotten teeth and a luxating patella. We are getting him all fixed up and he is enjoying the pampered life of foster care. Keep an eye out for the new and improved Seymour.

Update: Seymour is loving life in his foster home in Los Angeles. He gets along great with large dogs, small dogs and cats. He is all healed up and would love to find a loving home to spend his senior years in.

Charlie adopted.jpg


Charlie is a 2 year old Lhasa Apso Mix who came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on October 18th. He is currently in foster and awaiting his spa day to get all cleaned up and ready for his forever home. He gets along with dogs, cats and people. Stay Tuned for updates on Charlie.

Note from Charlie:
I have thrived in my foster home, I have been really good about not piddling in the house, I sleep very snuggly and quietly in my crate with my bed and toys, I love to bounce around like a rabbit, I have gotten to go on hikes in my own back yard with my human foster sister, I LOVE her so much, I love my foster mommies doggies too!! They have taught me that being at home is more fun than running away! I don’t quite understand the concept of a cats life so I just stand and stare at them, their kinda weird. I love my foster family and can’t wait to have my forever family!!

Cajun adopted.jpg


Cajun was pulled from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on 10/19. He is a 2 yr old Terrier Mix. He is awaiting his grooming and neutering. He likes to play with dogs and cats. But most of all he is looking for his special human to spend all his time pleasing. Stay Tuned for Updates on Cajun!

Daphne adopted.jpg


Daphne is the most adorable Toy Yorkie. She is about 8 years old, 5 lbs, and full of spunk. She loves dogs and people. Stay Tuned for updates!

Note from Daphne:

Forever young love bug! That's how my foster mom describes me. I look and act like a young pup. My hair is silkie soft. I love to play, go for walks (on a harness, please) and I especially love to cuddle. I'm a quick learner. I learned to use the doggie door in one day and when my foster mom says "outside", I am the first one through the door. I can sleep in a crate at night or in bed next to you. I love to be held and loved on. SOS rescued me from City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. I'm so happy they did because I had Pyometra because I wasn't spayed. They rushed me to have emergency surgery, to save my life. SOS is the best!

Olive Adopted.jpg


Olive came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on October 5th. She is about 2-3 years old and all ready for her forever home.

Benson Adopted.jpg


This beautiful little boy came to us from the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on 9/27. He is about 6 mos old and doesn’t have a care in the world. He rides great in the car, does very well in his crate, gets the zoomies outside and loves to snuggle inside. Stay tuned for updates!

Note from his foster mom: So far he is kid friendly, little dog friendly, large dog friendly, cat friendly, and was scared of my chickens and ducks, he was an angel at the groomers for his bath and nail trim.

Bugsy Adopted.jpg


Bugsy is a 2yr old Tri-Color Chihuahua that came to us from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on August 25th. He is a fun little guy who loves to play and snuggle. Stay Tuned for more on Bugsy!

Spots Adopted.png


Spots is about 2yrs old and came to us from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. He is just a little guy but looks like a miniature Border Collie. He gets along with other dogs as well as people.

Lucy adopted.jpg


Lucy is a 4yr old happy girl that came to us August 9th from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center. Lucy is a very well-rounded dog that gets along with people, kids, dogs, and cats. She is house-trained, crate-trained, leash trained and has great recall. She would fit into almost any home like a glove.



Sophie came to us from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on August 11th. She was a little shy at first but is starting to come out of her shell everyday in her foster home. She gets along with dogs but prefers to snuggle in the lap of her person.



Oscar came to us from The City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center on August 5, 2018. He is a 5-6yr old poodle mix. He’s the prettiest color that’s a mix between tan and silver. Oscar was found on the streets of Bakersfield looking more like a floor mop than a dog. His coat was long and matted and pulled tight on his tender skin. The month long shelter stay caused his spirit to crumble and that’s when SOS came to his rescue! Oscar immediately got shaved down and his happy personality popped out afterwards. He is great with other dogs both large and small and doesn’t pay much attention to cats. This little guy craves attention and loves to cuddle up and take a nap on a cozy lap. Oscar is house trained and does well in his kennel overnight. He is happy and playful and very healthy. He is up to date on his shots, chipped and neutered. Oscar is so ready for a forever home and share all the love he has to give!!!



Izzy is a 6yr old Maltese Mix that we rescued from Kern County Animal Services on July 10, 2018. She was seized by animal control after witnessing the homicide of her human mommy. She was scared but has come out of her shell and introduced us all to her amazing personality. She gets along with dogs and cats of all sizes and loves to be with people. She will be a great addition to a lucky family.