Our Story

Strength of Shadow Dog Rescue was built on the dreams of Robbie Miller and his 1st dog, Shadow.

After spending his youth making some poor life choices Robbie found himself incarcerated in the State of Oklahoma for 12 years. Upon completing the first 9 years of this sentence, Robbie decided he wanted to start giving back to the world instead of taking from it. During the next three years he obtained his GED, began to work and also became a mentor to many of the inmates. Upon his release in January 2014, he asked his mother if he could get a dog when he arrived home. Here enters Shadow!

Shadow had been found by Kern County Animal Services in Ridgecrest during freezing temperatures, abandoned in a single dog crate with two other large dogs. Robbie and Shadow had an instant bond - both skittish of people, both survivors of traumatic situations, both looking for unconditional love. About a month after adopting her Shadow began coughing up blood. After multiple emergency vet visits it was discovered that Shadow had been living with a 40 caliber bullet in her lung very close to her heart. She was airlifted to Los Angeles for emergency surgery. These were the longest few days of Robbie’s life. He had just found her and couldn’t imagine life without her.

Thankfully Shadow made a full recovery and their bond just continued to grow. In August 2014 we added Dallas to the family. He was just a young puppy who had been rescued by the same animal control officer as Shadow many months prior. Having these two dogs in his life was just what Robbie needed to heal and grow into the man he wanted to become. At this time is when Robbie decided to dedicate his entire life to saving dogs and placing them with the people that they needed to save, just as Shadow and Dallas have done and continue to do for him..

Our Mission

Strength of Shadow Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization that believes "Dogs are Medicine". Our goal is rescuing dogs and saving people at the same time.

• Rescue and rehabilitate shelter dogs and place them in forever homes
• Educate on the importance of Spay and Neuter
• Assist in the efforts of "Making Kern No-Kill"


Non Profit 501c3  ~ EIN: 82-5240973